Biochrom Announces AAA Product Enhancements

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Biochrom Announces AAA Product Enhancements

Postby AAA Admin » Fri Nov 18, 2011 3:27 pm

During November and December 2011 we will be introducing some changes to the Biochrom 30+ and its chemicals to improve ease of use and to comply with new Health and Safety Regulations.
Please read below for more information or download the full newsletter attached.

Biochrom AAA newsletter Nov 2011.pdf
AAA Newsletter Nov 2011
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New labels and MSDS to be introduced for all AAA chemicals:

The world of chemical labelling is changing. The new Global Harmonized System (GHS) is slowly but surely replacing the old style of labelling hazards and risks on chemical products. It consists mainly of the introduction of new pictograms and new descriptions for hazards and precautions.
In order to comply with UK, European and International laws, Biochrom is changing all its chemical labels and Material Safety Data Sheets. They are now produced by a state-of-the-art web based software system that improves the printing process and allows a better management of the regulatory information.

New labels and MSDS will be introduced gradually, starting end November 2011. Do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions related to this change.

Buffer names are changing!

All buffers are now numbered. The buffer number will now correspond to the appropriate line number on the AAA instrument (i.e. Lithium buffer 1 because it is used on buffer line #1). We have also added an extra feature: a colour coded symbol located on the top right hand corner of the label for easier identification.

How does it work?

Each buffer line on the instrument will be marked with a chemical resistant, self adhesive coloured tag and therefore will be easily identified by the user. The colours on the tags match the coloured symbols located on the buffer labels (shown above) so it has never been so easy to top up your glass bottles: Just match the colours and you are done!

The colour coding is as below:
Buffer line #1 Red
Buffer line #2 Orange
Buffer line #3 Green
Buffer line #4 Blue
Buffer line #5 Purple
Buffer line #6 Grey

Coloured tags will be fitted on any new instruments shipped from 1st December 2011.

Coloured tags can also be ordered separately:

Part number Description
80-6002-19 Coloured line tags – pack of 6

Please note that neither the Ninhydrin line nor the coil flush and piston wash lines will be tagged.

New front door clipboard for your important log sheets

As part of our series of AAA product enhancements, we are introducing a clipboard that can be hooked to the front door of the instrument, so important information such as maintenance records or daily routine checks are easily accessible. It is made of solid stainless steel and covered with special chemical resistant epoxy paint. The self adhesive hook can easily be stuck on the door by the user.
This new item will be part of the shipping kit in any new instruments shipped from the 1st December 2011.
For existing customers who wish to order it, please use the ordering information below.

Part number Description
80-6002-20 Clipboard kit
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