IMPORTANT INFORMATION - How to Register and read posts

Please read this forum first. It will guide you throught the registration process and how to receive notifications of new posts.

IMPORTANT INFORMATION - How to Register and read posts

Postby AAA Admin » Wed Oct 26, 2011 4:19 pm

In order to be able to read and reply to any posts in the Users Forum, you will have to register first. It is completely free of charge.

To register simply click on the link called "register" on the top right hand corner of the forum page.

However, you will have to prove that you are a genuine Biochrom customer during the registration process: we will ask you to provide an email address so we can contact you and then the Board of Administrators will review your application and accept or not your registration. Once accepted you will be able to use the forum as registered user (creating new topics, replying to posts or simply read the forum). Please note that the registration process may take more than 24h from time to time so please bear with us.

Please also note that this forum is dedicated to Biochrom instruments users only and we will not be able to accept members using other equipments.
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